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Discover one of our favourites with the Wired Flower Crown Course.

In this course Joseph shares the secrets to creating one of the fundamental floral accessories - the classic flower crown. We sell these regularly to our clients as an alternative or complimentary accessory for flower girls and bridesmaids - and we hope that you will too!

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The Golden Ratio & 3:5:8 in Floral Design Asset

Take your understanding and exploration of floral design to a whole new level with Joseph Massie's exclusive E-books.  A coveted companion to any online course. 

What you'll get:

  • An introduction to the Golden Ratio throughout history and how it relates to our World today.
  • Discover how the application of the Golden Ratio in floral design can elevate, embolden and enrich your creations
  • Deepen your understanding and practical application of proportions, placements & principles and elements within your designs.
  • This e-book is divided into the following chapters : 

    An introduction to the Golden Ratio throughout history

    The Golden Ratio and the Golden Rectangle

    The Golden Spiral

    The Fibonacci Sequence and it's relation to the Golden Ratio 

    How to apply the Golden Ratio within floral design


    Placements &

    Principles and Elements


Did you know The Golden Ratio & 3:5:8 in Floral Design Asset is available as a part of a value bundle along with our Principles and Elements Asset. Save 30% when you purchase the two together for $35.00 HERE

Please note Ebook sales are non-refundable and the sale considered final.