"Welcome to our Online Classroom, and with my personal instruction, tried and tested techniques, and solid theory, learn to explore floral design in a whole new light."


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From bridal bouquets, to statement vases, there is something for everyone, no matter where you are in your floral journey.



Our Resources have been curated strictly with one goal in mind - to inspire, empower, and connect flower lovers around the world. Updated frequently, we’ll be sharing a selection of exclusive step by step guides, articles, podcasts, look books, mood boards and more, each packed with Joseph’s floral hints and tips. Sign up below to receive each update, plus an exclusive unpublished Resource - The Flower Care & Conditioning Guide - directly into your inbox! We take care of your data in accordance with our privacy policy and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to your Online Classroom, and with my personal instruction, tried and tested techniques, and solid theory, get ready to learn floral design in a whole new light. We have designed our courses to be the most comprehensive, supportive and inspiring floral design courses available on the market. In each and every course you can explore:

- LIFETIME access to your courses and any future updates.

- A comprehensive Instructional Video

 - The Flower List

- The Sundries List

 - The Step By Step Guide

- The Substitutions List

- The Floral Glossary

- & Access to our private, supportive global floral community.

"Joseph is one of the most relevant designers working today. Not only is his work artful, utterly current, and widely admired, he is a knowledgable and gifted instructor. He has a thorough grip on the vital principles, art theory concepts, and techniques that underly his successful body of work- and the ability to clearly articulate these to his students. I’m thrilled that he will be able to share his knowledge more widely through online instruction."

Susan McLeary

"I’ve worked with Joseph on workshops and tours for several years, and I know from first hand experience that the hallmark of Joseph's work is sublime, innovative floral techniques - he has a real knack for finding the most commercial, subtle, and elegant way to do the job at hand - whilst consistently under-pining that technique with steadfast principle and element knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend Joseph's classes - I know that they'll be invaluable to students of floral design time and time again. "

Matthew Landers
Director, Matthew Landers

"I couldn’t be more thrilled that Joseph Massie is launching this online course! His passion for teaching is only surpassed by his love for flowers. Joe fully understands the need for floral education and has a fun and approachable way of communicating everything from mechanics to the foundation for true design. Joe’s techniques are rooted in traditional floristry while his vision for our industry demonstrates brilliant innovation. "

Scott Shepherd
Creator, The Flower Podcast

We Walk Our Talk.

Joseph has been fortunate enough to share his knowledge, insight, and floral techniques at the following cultural institutions across the world.


If you're looking to broaden your skill set, discover new commercial floral techniques, and increase your productivity and confidence, sign up to your free class today.

Commercial Designs

We' share knowledge that will empower you as a floral designer, and as such we'll share only designs that we know you'll be able to sell regularly. An investment in our courses is an investment in your business. 


Tried & Tested Techniques

In each and every course we offer, we share techniques gathered from Joseph's extensive training across twelve countries, with a focus on sharing them in a truly commercial and profitable manner.


Theory Analysis

To supplement your learning process, we've two specialist e-books - one focusing on The Principles & Elements and the other on The Golden Ratio, to further support your analysis of the design process.  


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