The $1000 Floral Giveaway Winner's Update

floral design Nov 30, 2022
Joseph Massie The $1000 Floral Giveaway Winner's Update

Hi there,

Can you believe it’s been almost 4 months since the winner of the 2022 $1000 Floral Giveaway was announced?! It seems like time has flown!

But for our one lucky winner, Libby, that time has been put to good use. Read on, reader, to find out how Libby used her $1000 Floral winnings.

In case you didn’t already know, each year I ask all of you lovely flower enthusiasts to answer a simple question and in return someone is chosen at random to win $1000 worth of floral education to spend however they like on my huge range of courses, e-books or even with a membership to Flower Class!

In the Summer of 2022, I asked:

“How Many Classes Are Available Inside My Online Flower Class Membership?”

And while Libby answered this correctly in July - the number of classes inside Flower Class now stands at over 150!

Libby decided to use her $1000 to purchase The Ultimate Collection and The Sustainable Floral Design E-book Techniques collection. And has since purchased my most recent offering, The Weddings Masterclass which launched in November!

I have been working in the florist industry for two years and although I know the fundamentals of floral design, Joseph Massie has constructed basic and easy techniques that can be added into your daily work and completely transform your designs. He is very easy to understand and goes through each section thoroughly. I have loved these courses along with all the other free resources he puts together for the flower community! I am looking forward to future teachings and am eager to learn more!
Here is a photo of a design where I applied knowledge from these courses! It was extra special too because it was my own wedding this past October!


Joseph Massie

Congratulations to Libby, both on the win and your wedding!

I love The 1k Floral Giveaway because I am continually inspired by the possibility of what could be! What can be enjoyed, explored and achieved by the winner really lights me up. Floral education is my passion because I love seeing what can happen when people are inspired to pursue something that they love and so this giveaway in particular excites me with all of its possibilities. 

For your chance to win like Libby, keep an eye out in 2023 for more giveaways!

Or if you’re inspired to see what you could create next, check out our brand new Weddings Masterclass below.

Until next time-