3 Ways To Get A Big Payday As A Florist

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There are so many wonderful things about getting to work with flowers for a living.  The creativity, the beauty, the fulfilment, the special occasions and celebrations you get to be a part of, they all contribute to our love of floral design.  But none of that is sustainable on its own to have a successful and thriving floristry career.  Sales and income are essential so let's take a look at some of the best ways to boost those flower filled profits;

1. Wedding Wows; Here's the deal, even when times are tough people still get married and want to make sure their day stands out.  Weddings are, and continue to be, big buck affairs and you better believe flowers can be the star of the show.  Weddings offer one of the best up-sell opportunities in the business because couples are looking for custom creations and statement pieces.  The profit possibility that opens up for you when you can offer a bespoke ceremony arch, a guest photo-op or a wow-moment reveal transforms your average wedding profits at a rate like no other.  You have the potential to add $1000's to the budget with just one statement piece when you're the designer who knows how to create on a big scale.  

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2. Seasonal Statements; Have you ever noticed how people go all out for the holidays?  From your neighbour's front door to the luxury hotel, people and businesses love to celebrate and make a statement with the seasons.  Diversifying your floristry business to offer seasonal showstoppers is a great way to boost profits.  You can begin by identifying the most lucrative seasons and holidays for floral sales in your area.  Think about Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and then begin to brainstorm what you could offer that people can't create for themselves.  Partnering with local businesses offers a great opportunity for repeat boosted profits throughout the year and even the opportunity to truly create something magical on a grand scale by partnering over a number of years to spread the investment costs.

3. Visual Merchandising Magic; Let me share a secret – businesses invest big in what brings them bigger profits.  The potential of design to attract clients into a space, to create an ambiance, to encourage a sale is like super power that stores, restaurants and hotels know to tap into.  Businesses will spend big money to increase their chances of getting customers into their space.  Offering visual merchandising design services can be a super profitable specialisation for a floral business.  Big scale design, customisation and specialist skills all mean you can charge a premium for your services.  Pro Tip:  This can be a natural extension to branch into following seasonal statements for a local business.  Use the popular seasonal periods to build a portfolio to go after this more niche and profitable market.

Floral installations have the power to set you apart.  They allow you to get noticed as a designer.  They elevate your brand and offerings by providing a service that not everyone has the know how to do.  Being able to provide this luxury service, means you can increase your client spend for every single wedding and event adding more profit without having to scout for more clients.  With their instant impact and 'wow' factor, floral installations make for great social media content, a portfolio that converts and a show stopping service that people and businesses will pay the big bucks for.  Last, but by no means least, they can be an awful lot of fun to create, with very real rewards in a sense of achievement and pride.  

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The Joseph Massie Team.