3 Ways To Make Your Mark As A Floral Designer

floral design floral installations floral installations masterclass floral marketing floristry tips masterclass professional floristry course sustainable floral design May 01, 2024

How would you feel if I could wave a magic wand and grant you the ultimate floristry super power?

Well let me introduce you to the next best thing, something that is completely within your own ability.

Floral Installations!..There are many reasons to dive into the world of floral installation design but one of my favourites is their power to set you apart.  When you master floral installations, you can think of your new ability as a super power.  This is the opposite of an invisibility cape... This is the power to be seen, and chosen, amidst a competitive and crowded sea.  The ability to make your mark and get noticed as a designer.  

You see floral installations require a special set of skills and a level of confidence that not everyone has the know how to do.  Not to mention the visual impact and gasps of 'wow' that they conjure from amazed onlookers. Lets take a look at three ways floral installations allow you to make your mark:

  • Think big and then think bigger. 

Size and scale are guaranteed show stoppers.  Oversized floral installations create a sense of wonder that is hard to ignore and has everyone asking, who did that?  You can think of every installation design as a showcase for your brand, an effective way to grab attention simply by embracing the impact of big scale designs.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Bigger doesn't have to mean scary or complicated.  Some of the most impactful installations like a statement flower-wall can be achieved with the simplest mechanics. I show you how in the Installations Masterclass.

  • Aim for awe.

After the guests have asked who made that?  My second favourite question to hear is, how did they make that?  Installations have the power to illicit awe.  To stand as if defying gravity or suspend as if by magic.  Some simple mechanics from the designers in the know allow you to create pieces of magic within any wedding or event.  These are the designs that set the scene and create a moment.  So many couples are looking for ways to create that 'wow' reveal.  When you can offer awe inspiring moments for a wedding or event, your value excels far beyond the simple provision of a design.  You become an in demand 'must have' for the day.

Want to know how you can create awe inspiring designs?  Take a look around our Installations Masterclass. 

  • Showcase, share, sell.

One of my favourite things about installation design is their ability to sell themselves.  Within every wedding or event that I work on, there is always an opportunity to incorporate a floral installation.  And here's the neat part.  Floral installations make for wonderful social media content that helps to showcase your brand and book more and more clients.  When it comes to flowers, the world of social media can't get enough of beauty and big.  Just one floral installation can provide a multitude of images for your social content and become one of your biggest client converting posts.  

PRO TIP:  If you are creating a wow piece for a client, invest in a professional photographer to help you capture your design.  Great quality images are a florists best friend when it comes to attracting and booking more clients.  That one wedding archway, photographed well becomes your next five bookings.  Showcase once, share and sell!

With their big appeal, big impact and big profit potential, floral installations have the power to be your personal super power in a competitive industry.  Making your mark becomes easy when you have the ability to create designs that stop people in their tracks, whether that be in person or online.  To discover more about the powerful world of floral installations, check out The Installations Masterclass, on sale with 50% OFF until May 3rd.

We'll see you there!