How To Wire A Rose; Fine Wiring For Wedding Designs

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Joseph Massie Fine Wiring Wedding Designs

Happy Friday!

Today we are diving into How To Wire A Rose; Fine Wiring For Wedding Designs.

Now that wedding season is cooling off, it's the perfect time to head back to basics and brush up on those fundamental skills. This may not seem like the showiest, sexiest, exciting lesson to dive into, but allow me a moment to change your mind.

I am a big believer in solid foundations, my teaching style is grounded in getting the techniques down, it’s substance and quality over style and the superficial. Don’t get me wrong, I love style and design, creativity and play but I do believe those are best explored and reimagined when you have a solid foundation of skills and techniques to treat your materials well and then give you the freedom to  run wild with your imagination.

Today we're diving into learning some key wiring techniques - and where better to start than with the most popular flower on the planet, the Rose.

Mastering the wiring technique for this floral favourite is key when it comes to delicate bridal designs, buttonholes and even wedding cake decorations. This handy techniques, opens up a whole new world of design possibilities with the simple rose and is a must know for any aspiring floral wedding designer.

In this tutorial we’ll be covering:

  • Conditioning and preparing your rose

  • The materials and wiring technique

  • Aftercare of your wired rose to promote longevity

I promise you, if you invest in the time to master your techniques and build solid foundations, you’ll not only have the skills to create beautiful floral designs, but the confidence too because your work is crafted from solid techniques.

You can check out the full tutorial right here, for free, on our Youtube Channel :


I hope you enjoyed this floral design tutorial - be sure to try it out yourself, and of course let me know how you get on!

Until next time –