How To Make A Sustainable Dahlia Wreath

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Joseph Massie How To Make A Sustainable Dahlia Wreath

Happy Friday!

Today we are diving into How To Make A Sustainable Dahlia Wreath

Over the past few weeks we have been somewhat celebrating one of my fall season favourites, the delectable Dahlia. I love how each season gifts us with its own unique offerings, I delight in the anticipation of seasonal blooms and enjoy creating designs to showcase what is in season. Working with seasonal blooms is one way to facilitate working more sustainably and in today’s tutorial we are also employing sustainable techniques - double bonus!

Now one thing I am delighted to explore today, that is perhaps slightly out of season, is the classic wreath design. Whilst festive wreaths are staple door adornments in many homes comes December 1st, I enjoy the trend of seasonal wreaths for other times of the year too. This delicious, autumnal Dahlia Wreath will make any doorway a welcoming and cosy sight this Autumn and you can utilise the sustainable techniques next season when designing for the holidays.

In this tutorial we’ll be covering:

  • Preparing your wreath base sustainably

  • Creating a water source

  • Building up a foliage foundation

  • Positioning your focal flowers

  • Hanging your wreath

To ensure this design is created as sustainably as possible all the reel wire, the copper base and indeed the moss can be reused after the flowers have faded, and the compostable food bags will decompose readily alongside the blooms.

You can even keep them handy to utilise for the upcoming festive season.

You can check out the full tutorial right here, for free, on our Youtube Channel :


I hope you enjoyed this floral design tutorial - be sure to try it out yourself, and of course let me know how you get on!

Until next time –