Introducing: The Wedding Masterclass

announcement floral wedding masterclass Nov 04, 2022
Joseph Massie Wedding Masterclass



Launching November 21st


After being asked for YEARS to share my secrets to my wedding business, I'm delighted to be able to share this goodness with you - in the hope that this will help you TRANSFORM your skills, your business, and your life.

Anyone can see that we aren't having the easiest economic times right now. Times are TOUGH out there - and it's natural to feel FEARFUL - but do you know one industry which maintains steady growth throughout even the darkest of recessions - you got it - it's THE WEDDING INDUSTRY. I grew my wedding studio, Joseph Massie Flowers, solidly throughout the last recession, and the age of austerity that followed. How did I do it? Well I'm going to share all of that, and more, within my most comprehensive masterclass to date.

I get it though - with all thats going on in the world today, you might be feeling that a change of career, or to invest in a new area of your career might feel tricky.

Weddings are scary things in themselves too. Your hands ache as you try and remake the same bouquet for the FOURTH time. You're nervous that your client might not have understood exactly what colour your Coral Charm Peonies will be. If only they were peachier! To make things worse, the Astilbe is looking mighty droopy, AND to top it all off, you're not even sure if you're making any MONEY!

Does this sound familiar? If this sounds like you, you're in exactly the same position as many of my previous students : dreaming of being a Big Wedding Flower Boss, but stressing out over everything, lacking the systems, skills and self confidence to truly make your mark. 

 If you're tired of feeling STRESSEDANXIOUS and OVERWORKED, and If you're ready to make your weddings EASIER, LESS STRESSFUL, and MORE PROFITABLE, then let me show you how.

I am so excited for you to discover a new way forward with the Weddings Masterclass. I’ll see you inside.

It’s Grow Time!