Ask Marginpar: A Glimpse Behind The Petals.

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We are flower and education obsessed here at Learn Joseph Massie, and understand that great floral design begins with great flowers.  So when one of our favourite flower growers offers the opportunity for us to learn more about their blooms and just what it takes to produce such wonderful quality stems, we jump at the possibility of learning more and understanding better about our favourite thing – flowers.

Forward thinking growers, Marginpar, pride themselves on quality, uniqueness and the people at the heart of their process.  Every single element from soil health to packaging their product is intentional to provide their customers with something very special. In their brand new series, "Ask Marginpar" you have the opportunity to go on a floral journey behind their scenes to discover just what it takes to produce some of the best blooms on the market.

Let's take a closer look at the highlights and themes of their new online series!

Embark on a captivating floral journey with "Ask Marginpar," an illuminating video series that unveils the mysteries of exceptional flowers. Join Marginpar’s Floral Investigators Colin and Emanuel, as they guide you through the vibrant heart of their farms.

The "Ask Marginpar" series extends its fragrant hand to florists, aiming to arm them with invaluable insights and kindle their passion for the art. Gain a deeper understanding of various product groups, like the delicate softness of Gypsophila or the fascinating disparities among Craspedia varieties. With Marginpar, it's not just a need-to-know; it's a delightful journey of nice-to-knows.

Eager to savour the floral saga first hand? Feast your eyes upon the "Ask Marginpar" series on Instagram and YouTube. In part 1, Colin and his cohorts unveil the latest on Scabiosa, the secret Test Fields and sustainability in Kenya. In part 2, starting in September, Emanuel shows you around at the flower fields in Tanzania filled with Gloriosa, Clematis, Jatropha and Polianthes.

Immerse in "Ask Marginpar" on Instagram and YouTube – a treasure trove for florists, enthusiasts, and novices alike.

We loved being guided around the farm with Marginpar expert Colin and witnessing what really goes into the stems that we create with.  With sustainability at the core of our teachings it's important to us to truly understand where our flowers come from and Marginpar is a brand aligned with our own values and one we are personally proud to partner with.  If you're passionate about floral design, we guarantee that increased knowledge and understanding of the flowers you create with only adds to the pride and appreciation of the craft.  Go and explore for yourself and join us in looking forward to the release of Part 2 in September when we get to learn together about the Marginpar farm in Tanzania.

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