Introducing The Bloom Trust Co.

collaboration resources Nov 13, 2020
Introducing The Bloom Trust Co. Flowers in Sustainable pots

Every now and then something new lands in our world that we just have to share. 

Our wonderful friend, Amy McGee, who you guys will know from one of our favourites, the Botanical Brouhaha Podcast, has just launched something really special that we think you will really want to know about.

Bloom Trust Co. is a brand new way to find trusted resources within the floral design industry.  Whether you are an aspiring designer, a floral business owner, a brand new student or a hobbyist, there is real value in having a trusted place you can go when you are seeking out information, and anything that saves us time so that we can get on with the details and designing that we enjoy the most is something that we want in on. 

With Bloom Trust Co. Amy’s primary mission is to provide a highly curated collection of resources that their members can trust while sharing outstanding educational opportunities, products, and services to help their members learn and grow.    

As you guys know, floral education is part of our mission here at Joseph Massie Studios, and so we are delighted to be a founding educator within Bloom Trust Co.  Inside their site, as well as the personal recommendations and links, members have accesses to helpful resources such as video tutorials and other downloadable educational content too. 

The wonderful Amy McGee of Bloom Trust Co.

The wonderful Amy McGee of Bloom Trust Co.

For Bloom Trust Co. community is at its core, and they’re very much focused on making resources available to underserved communities who have found access to the floral profession difficult in the past and we love their commitment to support the local community and other causes they believe in, with ten percent of their net profits set aside for this purpose. 

You can sign up to their new monthly subscription to become a part of their community now, knowing that your involvement expands into the growth and development of the floral design industry in a very real way. As a service-minded business, Bloom Trust Co. has a commitment to Flowering with Purpose, driving everything they do at Bloom Trust Co. Ten percent of their net profits are set aside to support their local community and other good causes. Additional details regarding their service component will be available on the Mission page of the Bloom Trust Co. website, as Bloom Trust Co. believes in meeting needs, supporting meaningful causes, and creating opportunities with the resources they’ve been given. 

Joseph is delighted to be a founding educator at The Bloom Trust Co., and we highly recommend that you check them out - it could be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for.



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