Discovering Marginpar

announcement collaboration eco friendly floral design floral insights Aug 04, 2023
ammi visnaga casablanca bowl design created by Joseph Massie

At Joseph Massie Studio, flowers hold a special place in our hearts; they are not just our business but also the source of our creativity, our passion. Sharing designs and teaching about these beautiful blooms is what we truly love, but equally important is the source of our flowers and the relationships we foster with our suppliers, which mean the world to us.

Among the suppliers we've had the pleasure of collaborating with more and more recently is the remarkable company, Marginpar.

For over three decades, Marginpar has specialised in creating breathtaking summer flowers, on their own farms in Kenya and Ethiopia, and their partner farms in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. One of their most significant contributions to the floral world was introducing fresh flowers from Africa to the Dutch flower auctions, a pioneering move that forever transformed the industry. Even today, Marginpar continues to push the boundaries, consistently seeking to improve and exceed regulations, and aiming for 100% sustainable products. 

In 2022, Joseph had the pleasure of creating a beautiful and elegant design with Marginpar’s equally beautiful and elegant Clematis Amazing® Vienna variety.

"Creating designs with just a single flower variety is something I enjoy doing to both showcase beautiful materials, but also to really showcase great technique, design and form, and when this ethos is paired with incredible product - magic can happen.”

There’s something incredibly honest and simply beautiful about this type of design and if you’d like to know how to create your own, then you can get your hands on a free How I Made It, step by step tutorial for The Vienna Bowl HERE.

We love Marginpar’s ethos on sustainability and their people and so Joseph sat down with Marginpar to find out more and chat about all things floral. You can check out the full interview by clicking here and perhaps take a moment or two whilst you’re there to discover more about the beautiful flowers that Marginpar grow.

We do hope you find inspiration in discovering one of our personal favourite suppliers and that you're encouraged to experiment with new materials in your own designs whatever they may be.

Team Joseph Massie