Five Reasons Weddings Are a Great Addition To Your Floristry Business

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As we get ready to release our eagerly anticipated Wedding Masterclass out into the world, we're taking a closer look at just why we're so wedding obsessed.  It's no secret that here at the Joseph Massie Studio, we love a good romance story.  And we're here to tell you that turning your affections towards the world of weddings could be the beginning of yours!

Diversifying our studio to include wedding florals was a game changer and there are a few reasons why. The Wedding Industry is its own buoyant, recession proof, force of nature.  In downturns - and out of them - weddings are big business and allow us flower lovers to take our floral businesses to incredible heights.  Whilst they're profitable, they also offer freedom, flexibility, creativity and financial certainty all wrapped up in a Tiffany Blue bow for the savvy wedding florist.  

Let's take a closer look at our top five reasons we think weddings are a great addition to your floristry business!

Pictured: The Floral Meadow from The Wedding Masterclass

1. Sky's The Limit - The wonderful thing about wedding floristry is that weddings come in every size, shape, style and budget imaginable which means that if you want to create weddings, there are ideal clients waiting for you. A wedding floristry business can start small with bridal bouquets made from home and can grow as you grow, to dream-scale, multifigure budgets in destinations around the world.

2. Run Free - Being a wedding florist means you can be in total calendar control and boy does that feel empowering - freedom and flexibility are your new best friends.  You can choose when to take bookings and when to keep your time free for something else.  There's no need for the overheads of a retail brick and mortar that requires daily management.  You can start your wedding business from a small home studio space and utilise freelancers, prop and vehicle hire for bigger jobs if you don't want to commit to something more permanent.  

3. Express Yourself - The world of weddings encompasses visions and visual delights like no other.  As a wedding florist you have an opportunity to develop your own signature style and branding to appeal to the desires of link minded couples or you can create something different, unique and personal for each and every wedding.  One thing's for sure, no two weddings are exactly the same so your creative flex can get a work out for sure.

4. In Demand - Here's the deal, even when times are tough people still get married.  Weddings are, and continue to be, big buck affairs and you better believe flowers can be the star of the show. Have you ever heard anyone say they are trying to make their wedding ordinary, average, or forgettable?  NO!  It's called a 'Special Day' for a reason...everyone wants their wedding to be just perfect for them and in trying economic times, couples will still prioritise their celebration making you one of the popular kids.

5. Steady As She Goes - Yes we love weddings for the sky high profit potential, freedom, flexibility and uncapped creative opportunity, but they also offer a financial stabilising force too which can be invaluable when growing a business.  You can typically book a client 6 -12 months in advance so you can be sure of what's coming in to your bank account and when.  The opportunity to foresee your workload is worth its weight in gold, for upcoming busy times you can prepare to make sure you are minimising losses and operating efficiently.  For quiet periods you have the opportunity to focus on another revenue stream, to budget differently or create a targeted campaign to fill those spots. When well managed, your upcoming wedding bookings can be like your very own crystal ball - use that magic!

If you're falling in love with the idea of your own wedding floristry business, don't forget, The Wedding Masterclass launches April 17th with SIX brand new design tutorials.  You can get a free preview right now with the Cascading Bridal Bouquet tutorial.

Team Joseph Massie