Five Marketing Tips For Wedding Florists

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So you’ve made the decision to enter the lucrative world of wedding floristry and taken your first steps towards specialist wedding floristry training within The Wedding Masterclass.  But now that you have the floral design know-how, how do you get your creative talents and floral design skills in front of your dream clients?  Marketing is all about representing your brand and speaking directly to your ideal client so that you become the number one choice to book.

Let’s take a look at Five Marketing Tips for Wedding Florists so that you can book the bride.

  • Portfolio Perfect

Create the perfect portfolio to market you and your services on your behalf.  You can think of your portfolio essentially as a carefully curated shop window - a presence that elicits excitement and desire just by being seen.  It should be representative of your brand, build trust and confidence with your potential client and speak to the desires of the customer you want to book.  An authentic and professional portfolio that is crafted with your dream client in mind has the power to sell your services without you even speaking to the potential client.  

  • Website Wonder

In today’s world, a strong online presence is essential and a website is paramount for any growing business.  A Google search is one of the first ways potential clients will start to look for their dream vendor - that’s you!  Your website is an extension of your business and should represent your brand communicating what you’re about and what you do.  It’s often the first impression a potential client will get of your business and so optimising a user’s experience of your site is a powerful marketing tool.  Consider imagery that appeals to the desires of your dream client.  Website copy that speaks personally and directly to your ideal client.  Optimising for search engines so you can be found easily.  Data capture so you can reach out and communicate with potential clients.  And most importantly tell clients exactly how to contact you and what to expect next.  Don't leave them wondering how to get in touch, or if their message got through.

  • Testimonials To Share The Love

Here’s one of my favourite secrets to share!  Potential clients want to love you.  They’re not looking for reasons to choose someone else, they’re simply looking for confirmation that you are the one.   Testimonials are your best friend to prove that you are it and the client’s search is over.  This is social proof that others have discovered you and loved you already.  They are one of the biggest confidence boosters a potential client needs and you can use them everywhere you have a voice.  Include them on your website, highlight them in your portfolio, use them as social posts and stories.  Don’t be coy or shy about showing off what you can do for others.  You can never have too many testimonials so be sure to actively ask clients for feedback and testimonial shares after you’ve worked with them.  If you’ve done a great job, clients are usually more than happy to help you out with this.  

  • Be Seen On Socials

Another key element of your digital presence is active and engaged social media accounts.  This is another way to both represent your brand, and speak directly to your dream clients.  You don’t need to master every platform, personally we love Instagram because wedding floristry is naturally beautiful and so lends itself to this visual dominated medium, but choose the platform that appeals to you the most - you won’t want to spend time hanging out somewhere that you don’t enjoy or resonate with yourself.  Your social media images, videos and content should represent your brand identity.  Implement a strategy to post consistently to help build trust with your clients and show off all your best bits including testimonials.  Pro Tip: If you are working on a particularly great wedding, consider hiring a photographer to specifically take images of your designs for you to use on socials.  Just one wedding can generate a whole host of social media imagery and content.  

  • Partner Up

A little helping hand from a friend can go a long way.  Once you’ve set yourself up for success with a great website, socials, portfolio and kind words from your own clients it’s a great time to consider networking and collaborations.  This can be a natural process as you establish relationships with other wedding vendors such as photographers, wedding planners, and venues as you work more and more within the industry, but also don’t be afraid to make the first move.  Look for opportunities to collaborate on styled photoshoots or feature each other's work on social media platforms.  Consider a stand at a local wedding faire if the venue and style aligns with your brand and look for connections where you share the same vision of ideal client.   By building a network within the wedding industry, you can tap into referrals and create a supportive community that benefits everyone involved.

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The Joseph Massie Team