Floral Insights: Luxurious Spring Softness

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When clients L & T came to us dreaming of a wedding epitomising femininity, softness and gentleness we knew we could deliver their vision above and beyond their expectations, for their wedding date was a Spring one, and this is the perfect time of year for these qualities in a flower.  Through flower selection, colour palette and floral design style we created florals that embodied the romance of the day set within the destination backdrop of the renowned Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland.



"I just wanted to say how incredibly blown away we all were with your beautiful flower arrangements at Gleneagles. 
They were the best flower arrangements I had ever seen in my life. No words do it justice how much we loved the arrangements. I felt like I was in a fairytale.
Thank you so so so much to everyone involved in creating the most perfect floral setting for us and for completely exceeding our expectations." - L.

The Spring season itself is a delicate one, where blooms begin to emerge after the Winter and there is a lightness to everything.  It gifts us an abundance of delicate and layered materials such as ranunculus, spirea and anemones which are perfect choices for a soft and romantic feel.  You can check out some other Spring season favourites in our free Best Flowers For ... A Beginners Guide.

The vision was soft, romantic & feminine, in watercolour like tones of blush, ivory and neutrals.



Whilst the materials selection of Spring flowers were both a natural choice and fit for our gentle wedding, the colour palette was an important element of achieving our look also.  Together we chose a palette that was tonal, adding in hints of soft sage green combined with blush and neutrals.  A tonal colour palette, compared to an all white wedding for example, can transform a design from classic and elegant to soft and romantic.

We further evoked the romantic look through our floral design styling which was relaxed, light and natural, combining to portray an effortless feel rather than florals which felt too formal or structured.  

For more tips on how to create florals in this style, you can check out the Flower Class tutorial; The Romantic Spring Bridal Bouquet available inside both our Foundations and Professional Flower Class memberships.


We love when a season's character naturally lends itself to a client's vision, but working with seasonal materials isn't always easy.  Fresh materials, are always subject to availability and influenced by weather and demand. To help manage this, we also included florals in our proposal such as the rose O'Hara and hydrangea which are available most of the year.

We always endeavour to deliver as per the details within our proposals but sometimes a specific variety you intended to use just isn't available or isn't up to standard.  Be sure to include a note or clause in your wedding proposal terms and conditions about fresh flower availability and your policy on appropriate substitutes should the item not be available on the day and always always communicate clearly with your client to manage expectations and deliver great customer service.

This dreamy wedding, was a delight for our studio to create and offered the opportunity for our team to work in one of the UK's most highly regarded venues, Gleneagles, Scotland.  This beautiful venue fell outside of our typical catchment area which meant we had a few more considerations to be aware of compared to a wedding on our home turf.  When considering destination weddings be sure to consider the following:

Your delivery set-up and collection costs.

Staff availability to travel.

Staff accommodation and subsistence.

Transport of your props and flowers.

Working with unfamiliar suppliers and venues.

If you've a destination wedding of your own coming up and feel that you would benefit from some personal support and bespoke coaching, why not take a peek at the coaching and community benefits inside our Flower Class memberships?


Creating bespoke, luxury florals to set the scene for a couple's big day has long been a highlight of our studio.  We love being able to tell stories through our fresh flower choices, colours selections and styling techniques which can all be interwoven to evoke the desired look and feel.  We hope you've enjoyed taking a look inside one of our wedding highlights from last season and if you are inspired to incorporate the profitable world of wedding floristry into your own practice, take a peek at our in depth exploration of this market inside our Wedding Masterclass.

With special thanks to clients L & T for allowing us to be a part of their big day and to Jacob & Pauline Photography for the beautiful imagery.

Team Joseph Massie