Welcome To Episode 1 - Flowers After Hours “The Debut”

announcement podcast Jun 21, 2021
Flowers After Hours “The Debut”

In the world of floristry and horticulture, there are so many wonderful, earnest, heartfelt podcasts … and this is absolutely not one of them.

Welcome to Flowers After Hours - in each episode globally renown floral designers, and regionally relevant self proclaimed comedic geniuses, Matthew Landers and Joseph Massie dish the dirt on what it really takes to make it to the top in the flower business - and how to be an absolute glamazon whilst doing so.

Famous for telling it like it is, join us for Flowers After Hours whilst Matthew & Joseph share their personal tales, triumphs and tragedies, across floral design, horticulture, business, marketing and lifestyle. Admittedly tongue in cheek, but with a heart of gold, tune into your new favourite design, business and lifestyle podcast. Come for the humour - and stay for the realness.

In Episode 1, “The Debut” we’ll be diving into the Covid-19 pandemic, how it affected our businesses, and the practices we employed to keep on keeping on … of course right alongside who our fantasy podcast sponsors would be, what we’ve found on Instagram this week, and what some of our favourite florists have been up to also …

Dive on in to Episode 1 - The Debut, right here :

Episode Credits
Your hosts: Matthew Landers (www.matthewlanders.com) & Joseph Massie (www.josephmassie.com)

Edited & Produced by: Joseph Massie for Kingsway Cultivated

Instagram : @MatthewLanders & @JosephMassie

We have had an absolute blast recording this episode of Flowers After Hours, and we hope you love it, just as much as we do! Be sure to rate and subscribe if you like what you hear!


Team Joseph Massie