'The Flower Recipe Guide' A New Free Download Just For You.

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Want to know how to create the perfect flower recipe for your next floral design, but don't know where to begin? 

We hear you!  This community has been asking for a free resource to help you create flower recipes for your own floral design creations.  And so, we have created a brand new free download for you – The Flower Recipe Guide. Friends, this is going to empower you to create and explore in your own expansive way

Recipe writing is hard - it's something that we hear from students all the time. There are so many facets to a good recipe, as anyone who has experienced a slightly rubbish floral design sadly knows.  A good recipe is a balancing act - a tightrope of colour, texture, proportions and harmony - rooted deeply to the nature of the seasons, with all elements combining perfectly to create an expression of the sublime. A good recipe is a sweet gift - something to be treasured.  And something we are gifting you with now.

If you have ever wondered how to create your own flower recipes, then we have got you covered.   In this guide Joseph is sharing the exact recipes that he uses for five of his signature designs, each exploring its own design theory behind the flower selection.  Plus he share his personal tips behind his choices - the how and why for every decision with the hope that you can take this process and be empowered and inspired to create your very own recipes.  


A Classic Arrangement Recipe

A Classic Centrepiece Recipe

A Contemporary Centrepiece Recipe

A Classic Bridal Bouquet Recipe

A Recipe Demonstrating 3:5:8

We're exploring the thinking behind all of these designs, sharing the process and design theory insights that inform the flower selections.  Once you have the skill of recipe creating mastered, your ability to design opens up a whole new and expansive, creative world to enjoy and explore.  

Download your free Flower Recipe Guide right here.

We look forward to seeing what you create.

Team Joseph Massie.