How To : Create Light, Airy, Bouquets

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Happy Thursday!

Today we are diving into How To Create, Light, Airy, Bouquets.

Believe me when I say that bouquets don’t have to be tricky or difficult to make. They don’t need to be stressful, your arms don’t have to ache, your hands aren’t too small and you don’t have to waste time and money taking several attempts at your design until it’s just right!

I have a secret that’s going to allow you to easily make gorgeous, garden style bouquets, full of volume, light and texture.

Believe me too, when I say it’s worthwhile getting this style of bouquet down, because honestly your clients are going to ask you for it. The majority of my brides want to hold a bouquet that is light, soft and romantic and you’re gonna want to be able to create that for them. Even if you’re not into wedding florals, this style is gorgeous for your coffee table or gifting too.

If you haven’t yet checked out the hand tied bouquet that we share in our free beginners course, For The Love Of Flowers: Beginnings, make sure you do, because this new technique I am sharing today is the perfect next step!

So, what exactly is my secret to these gorgeous, light and airy bouquets?

Well let me spill the details..

I’ll be introducing you to one of my favourite bouquet hacks – Angel Vine / Salim frameworks, which really enable you to create the lightest, easiest hand-tied bouquets , I promise you with the absolute minimum of fuss!

In this tutorial we’ll be covering:

  • Creating a bouquet framework from Angel Vine/Salim

  • Building your bouquet form

  • Working with Summer season materials

  • Creating the illusion of volume and space

  • Considering colour and texture in our design

  • Binding our bouquet

This technique is a game changer, that’s going to simplify your bouquet making, save you money on materials and be able to offer your clients the most on-trend designs.

You can check out the full tutorial right here, for free, on our Youtube Channel :

I hope you enjoyed this floral design tutorial - be sure to try it out yourself, and of course let me know how you get on!

Until next time –