How To Identify Your Ideal Wedding Client

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And why you should!

Couples have moodboards filled with scenes of their ideal wedding day.  Organised by theme, colour, style and season the possibilities are endless.  We all know couples have a dream flower filled scenario in their mind, but as their potential ideal wedding florist, have you taken the time to dream big about who your ideal client is?  And perhaps more importantly, considered why this is important?

You can’t please everyone, but you can serve your ideal client well.  Once you have identified your ideal client you can get to work on communicating with them, hanging out where they hang out, serving them, pleasing them, BOOKING THEM.  Identifying your ideal client means you get to remove all the obstacles that could prevent you booking your client out of the way.  In identifying your ideal client you can focus on communicating directly with them, increasing your chances of being seen by the people who will knock your door down to work with you. 

Consider, why would you want to waste time and energy talking to the people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.  Identifying our ideal client is a superhero trick that makes our business all the more easeful, profitable and successful because if we know who we’re focused on we can structure every step in our business to communicate and align specifically with them.    


Identifying your ideal client begins with asking yourself questions.   I want you to dream without boundaries, visualise, and become obsessed with everything there is to know about your client:

Where do they live?

Is it rural, a city, cosmopolitan, quaint?

What kind of home do they live in?

What does it cost to live where they live?

How old are they?

What’s their social life like?

Do they spend more time with family or friends?

Do they like to travel?

What’s their travel style?

What kind of clothes do they wear?

Do they like designer or vintage?

Do they like to go full glam or daily chill?

Where do they buy their food from?

Do they like farmers markets, italian deli’s or budget supermarkets?

What kind of venues do they like?

Will they book a city hotel, village hall, country manor or sun filled destination?

 Do they value custom and bespoke, or do they want ease and function?

You get the mega pixel picture.  No detail is too small and the more information you can imagine, the more clarity you gain in creating your customer profile - a 360 degree picture of exactly who your client is. 

So what next?  Once you know who the ideal client is, you can turn your attention to aligning directly with them.  You can do this through your branding, your websites, your socials, your marketing copy, your portfolio, your offerings and your booking process.  Your ideal customer should be first and foremost in your mind when you create every single step in your business.  That way, when you show up in front of them, they’ll be even more obsessed with you and your brand, than you were in your discovery process.


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