How To: Work With Agra Wool

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Joseph Massie How To: Work With Agra Wool sustainability

Happy Thursday!

Today we are diving into How To Work With Agra Wool

Now you may be thinking what on earth even is agra wool? AND why is Joseph telling me that I need to know about it?

Well let me tell you.

When I started out, floral foam was king. If you wanted a structure to design with and a water source for your arrangements you probably spent hours like me soaking heavy bricks and carving them up to suit your needs. Whilst I now know a trick or two more for creating alternative structures and mechanics to design with, I also know that some flower lovers love to design into floral foam and that for some designs it really does feel like the best option.

A quick side note: If you are brand new to the world of floral design and haven’t worked with floral foam before then you’re in a wonderful place to begin your journey with a whole host of sustainable floral design techniques straight off the bat. You can check out my free floral design course, For The Love of Flowers;Beginnings to see how you like working with flowers and then head straight back here to learn about this cool little product that i’m talking about today.

Now, for all of floral foams useful benefits, I strongly feel it is important to consider sustainability and the environmental implications of its use. Floral foam is made from oil based petro-chemicals which is not great for the environment or the person working with it. And that is why i’m so excited to shine a light on an alternative!

Let me introduce you to Agra Wool or natural floral foam.

This little product is a game changer, if like me, sustainability is a priority within your practice. It's way better for the environment than traditional floral foams, it's made from renewable materials, and it can be composted too.

In this tutorial we’ll be covering:

  • What traditional floral foams are made of

  • The natural based alternative to floral foam

  • How to prepare agra wool

  • The differences and similarities of working with agra wool compared to floral foam

  • Foaming-up a container

  • How to arrange flowers into natural foam

This product, honestly feels revolutionary to me in the world of floral design. Learning how to work with this product will improve your skills, up-level your business and help the planet out too. All good stuff if you ask me.

You can check out the full tutorial right here, for free, on our Youtube Channel :

I hope you enjoyed this floral design tutorial - be sure to try it out yourself, and of course let me know how you get on!

Until next time –