Joseph Massie x Marginpar : The Preview

announcement youtube Dec 19, 2022
Joseph Massie x Marginpar : The Preview

Finally, The Marginpar Top Ten Floral Trends 2023 is here and I’ve had the pleasure of curating ten trends which I’m forecasting to be pretty big news in next year. I’ve been lucky enough to use a selection of Marginpar’s stunning classic blooms as well as introducing some brand new ones - it’s been such a fun, and exciting project, and now I get to share with you a little preview of some of my favourite designs!

You can download the full trend report from Marginpar right here :THE TOP TEN FLORAL TRENDS 2023 


Life feels alive again. After a few somewhat subdued pandemic years, with lives half lived, there is an ease to life once more. We’ve taken a new, deep breath. Life feels more accessible again on every front - whether we’re considering travelling abroad, or meeting a friend for coffee, it is all possible once again. The burden is lighter. Things don’t require as much heavy lifting. With this return to life can come chaos, so there is a reminder to still keep time for yourself - to not wholly forget the lessons learned during these more solemn times. 

Prolific parties and wild weddings are back with a bang, but smaller, more intimate celebrations are filling floral diaries too. It’s not so much the size of your celebration - it’s fact you can have one, and the heart which you apply to the event will make it special. 

Florally there are symmetries here - in both larger and smaller events - we’re celebrating the idea that less can most definitely be more when curated with thoughtfulness and consideration. Struggling for inspiration? Make a big impression with small touches - try analogous palettes or mono floral compositions, revelling in the beauty of one bloom. This is the way to make even the most intimate of gatherings memorable.  


In our pursuit for the good times, we’re going deeper, and embracing all aspects of our experiences. In many weddings and celebrations, clients are more frequently considering including sensory touches that were not so common in years past - colour is fine, yes - but scent, texture and flavour are better. 

To enliven our tablescapes and centrepieces, we’re using fruits and vegetables, incense, barks, powders, and spices to provide another layer to the floral experience.

These gifts of nature add an unexpected and tactile layer to the proceedings, forcing floral designers to think outside of the box when it comes to both the mechanics and the aesthetics.

For classical touches, consider mixing apples, pears and grapes into the mix. For a darker, more sensual offering, include pomegranates, plums, figs and berries. Combine with rich, characterful florals for best results - you won’t regret it.


Classic, timeless, and forever in fashion - neutral blooms are the little black dress of the floral world. Whether your taste is for whiter than white blooms, or you allow yourself to segue into earthier tones, neutrals will forever be a classic trend within the floral industry. 

Some of their popularity comes from necessity - white for sympathy, white for weddings - but there is something more to it than what tradition dictates. Neutrals represent comfort - a moment of rest for the eyes during a long day - and I believe that is fundamentally why they’re ever popular. 
Regardless of whether you’re seeking a subtle note - such as the one that you might enjoy from a vase of Polianthes or Helleborus, or something, well, a little more dramatic, a neutral colour palette can be trusted to deliver time and time again.  Life is busy, life is crazy, life is full on - so long reign neutrals to provide us with peace and serenity.

Click here to check out the video and dive into all three of these trends in more detail.

I hope you’ve loved some of these designs and my predictions for The Top Ten Floral Trends of 2023.

Until next time!