Three Great Takeaways From The Flower Class Summer Sessions with Tobey Nelson

eco friendly floral design floral business strategy floral design floral insights floristry tips flower class free floristry education sustainable floral design May 19, 2023

This May, Flower Class is coming to you live with FOUR incredible FREE live sessions featuring guest industry experts and one unmissable live finale with Joseph Massie.  You are invited to join us for The Flower Class Summer Sessions.  Flower lovers from around the world are coming together to learn, explore and connect over the things we love - great floral design and incredible floristry education. 

Our first session, featured sustainability advocate and educator Tobey Nelson. Tobey understands the importance and real life application of sustainability like no other - a leading voice in the sustainability movement, a true inspiration and passionate educator, we can't wait for you to discover her ethos and expertise.

In Joseph’s conversation with Tobey, we discovered how her heart-centered philosophy places people and intention at the core of her business and explored the past stories of design looking at how creators throughout history have achieved magnificent feats without the use of modern materials and just how we can learn from them. 

Tobey's approach is both practical and heart-centred, lets' take a look at three key highlights from our conversation.


Sustainability isn't just a buzz word.  it is an entire philosophy, a way of thinking, of working, of creating and designing.  There are so many areas where your attention could go; Techniques, materials, plastic use, floral foam - take the time to consider what is important and matters to you.

The concept of sustainability can be overwhelming, but it is essential to take it one step at a time.

Tobey encourages people to focus on the aspect of sustainability that matters most to them and then work on that before tackling other layers.  If you are passionate about it you are more likely to make the changes and explore a different way rather than it feeling like an obligation. 


There can be a tendency to feel like perfection is the only way, that to practice sustainable floristry means that every single thing you do needs to be in line with a sustainability policy.  Tobey recognises that sustainability isn't just about the environment, it is also about a sustainable business and practice that is achievable and realistic in the long term.  Small steps and changes add up and combine to create a big impact.  

Let us focus on what we can do today for example re-using plastic floral tubes instead of throwing them away, or using hardy greenery that doesn't require a water source. Small changes that we can all make like perhaps opting for compostable materials such as silk or linen ribbon instead of plastic or polyribbon.


A key part of practicing sustainable floristry is simply acknowledging that you always have a choice.  At every stage of your process there is the opportunity to ask yourself a question and consider if there is another way.  For example, she suggests that we could start by asking ourselves questions like:

Do I need to use this particular floral foam? If I use this foam, what does it mean for the environment? How can I reduce my carbon footprint while still creating beautiful floral designs?  Can I source this flower from a local supplier?

You don't always have to get it right, or be perfect, but if you start to ask yourself questions, to recognise that you have choices you open up the possibility to a whole new way of practicing floral design.

Tobey's passion for sustainable floral design is inspiring, and her expertise in the field invaluable.  Check out the full conversation by signing up to The Flower Class Summer Sessions and watching the replay today!


Team Joseph Massie.