'The Best Flowers For....' A Brand New Flower Guide, Just For You

announcement floral design floral design guide Feb 17, 2023
The Best Flowers For... A Joseph Massie design featuring a beautiful pink design

Happy Friday!

January seems to come and go so quickly and after the craziness of what seems to be a million red roses coming and going through the doors for St. Valentines Day, before you know it, it's almost Spring! 

As this fresh new season approaches it brings with it some of our most cherished blowsy blooms but knowing the right flower to use, in which way, for every design, and during any season isn't always easy and is a skill that can take a lifetime to master… and here we are guessing that maybe you don’t have a spare lifetime to burn - which is exactly why Joseph has created this guide!

‘The Best Flowers For…’ - is an essential, easy to use to resource to help you navigate the world of flowers and craft your own flower recipes, helping you to include inspired choices each and every time.

We're so excited to share this brand new, super simple to use and our most helpful guide to date with you: 'The Best Flowers For...' is perfect if you’re maybe a newer floral designer, who struggles with :

Knowing which flowers are in season
Knowing which flowers are best for certain designs
Knowing which flowers are generally considered Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
Knowing which flowers are available all year around
Knowing how to build recipes with certain types of flower

This free, 20 something page guide, will help you resolve all of those questions and more. And the best part? It’s completely, entirely free! Click the link below to download your copy today :

For those of you who are starting out, planning their portfolios, or maybe designing their first weddings or events we hope this guide will be really helpful to you - and we can't wait to see what you get up to with it! 


Team Joseph Massie