The Best Flowers For Spring & Summer Wedding Floristry

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With the busy Spring & Summer Wedding season about to begin, we wanted to lighten your stress load and give you one less thing to worry about.  One of the highlights of creating wedding florals is that there is a natural opportunity to work with the best blooms of each season, but what exactly is looking great right now?  

There's an art to choosing the best blooms for your designs.  Get it right and you can delight in a creation that is not only beautiful, but balanced, of quality, sustainably minded, fit for purpose and carefully considered.  The season, the temperament of the blooms, the occasion, the hues, the size and form, it all matters.  

Get it wrong and your design can miss the mark in more ways than one.  More expense, difficult to work with, inappropriate for purpose and an end product that simply doesn't do what it's supposed to.

Take heart though as we're about to share with you some of the tried and tested blooms that we'll be choosing to work with on our Spring/Summer Weddings this year, and if you're feeling inspired, you can check out our free full tutorial from the upcoming Wedding Masterclass and learn how to create your very own Cascading Bridal Bouquet.

For our Spring and Summer wedding bouquets our brides love a look that is soft and romantic with a light and airy touch to match the mood of the Season.  

In this Cascading Bridal Bouquet, featured in the upcoming Wedding Masterclass, Joseph selected materials that are pretty, light and fragrant with lots of movement and texture to match the desired look and feel.

Let's take a look at our selection:

Spirea 'Snow Mountain' - Its natural beautiful arching drape and movement make it a wonderful choice for building the base of this cascading design.

Tulip 'Belle Epoque' - A favourite tulip variety of ours, we love it for its slightly unusual colouring.

Rose 'Quicksand' - A personal favourite of Joseph's and a great focal bloom in this design.

Spray Roses 'Bridal Flow' and 'White Majolica' - Romantic classics, always a solid choice.

White Astilbe 'Washington' - A great choice for adding soft texture to a design.

Lilac 'Maiden's Blush' - The perfect, textured bloom to help us create our bouquet base.

Lucojum vernum 'Spring Snowflake' - A seasonal gem perfect as a delicate tertiary choice in this design

Clematis armandii - Personally grown and picked from Joseph's garden.

Hellebore 'White Double Ellen' - these can be a little tricky to condition & care for, check out our YouTube tutorial for Joseph's top tips.

Sweet Pea - Selected for their delicacy and texture.

Fritillaria 'uva vulpis' - One of the more delicate varieties of fritillaria.

All the fresh materials selected for this design are also featured in our super informative free resource, Best Flowers For... A Beginners Guide.  Be sure to check it out if you want even more recommendations or you're working with a different season.

Don't forget, The Wedding Masterclass launches April 17th with SIX brand new design tutorials.  You can get a free preview right now with the Cascading Bridal Bouquet tutorial.

Team Joseph Massie