The Cyclamen Wreath Tutorial

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...  A time when us floral designers are in demand as people dream to adorn their own front doors with wreaths, invite people to dine on festively laden tables and gift their friends and loved ones with floral gestures and presents.

It can be a busy time for us for sure, but we might not want to sell the same thing year after year and coming up with fresh, inspired designs that last the entire festive period can be a challenge we know.  But worry not, because we have the perfect design for you to try out.

We want to share with you a design that offers a Winter horticultural twist on a holiday classic with Joseph's free tutorial;

The Cyclamen Wreath

Taken directly from the Festive Category inside the Flower Class membership, this tutorial shares with you a new way of creating the classic wreath.

Featuring one of Joseph's favourite Winter flowering plants, Cyclamen, we think you  are going to love this eco-friendly design for its chic and fresh aesthetic. Our Flower Class members love it for its sustainability features – how cool is it to be able to replant your Cyclamen after the festive period and reuse them in this design again next year? And Joseph personally loves it for its longevity – when cared for well, this sweet design can last the entire festive period.

"So clever.  This one I’m giving a go. Love the idea that it will last for about a month." 

– Flower Class Professional Member

It's also super adaptable with the possibility to adorn your own front door, style it with candles to create a centrepiece design, detail a mantelpiece and even switch up the plants to play with colour, texture or your own personal favourites.

With this tutorial you have the technique and inspiration to create a festive favourite with a new twist.


Happy Designing!

The Joseph Massie Team