The Wedding Masterclass Returns

announcement eco friendly floral design floral design floral wedding masterclass sustainable floral design wedding floral design Mar 31, 2023

Last year, you might remember that we announced the launch of The Wedding MasterclassWell, this April, it's back and it's even better than ever.

The return of The Wedding Masterclass sees Joseph lead six brand new and breathtaking hands-on design projects that are sure to take your wedding business to the next level. These brand new six tutorials are in addition to the 12 hands on tutorials, and 8 business tutorials which are already included within the Wedding Masterclass, providing a total of 26 tutorials within this one very special Masterclass. 

But thats not all ...

This April, we're inviting you boost your floral and business skills by sampling the Wedding Masterclass with a very special free class - the Cascading Bridal Bouquet - one of the new projects taken directly from the Wedding Masterclass. To access this free class, you can simply sign up HERE. 

In addition to this exclusive hands on design class, you're also invited to join Joseph in a very special webinar taking place on 16th April. Join us for 'The Art of Profitable Weddings' a free, live class led by Joseph himself, where he will be sharing his own strategy for increasing bookings and profits, whilst leading an aligned, creative Studio. It's these very techniques that Joseph used to build his own six figure floral design studio, and he'll be sharing them with you live! To save your seat for the'The Art of Profitable Weddings', simply sign up here : FREE LIVE WEBINAR. 

Still on the fence? We've seven reasons as to why you should join us for The Art of Profitable Weddings ... 

1. This is a one time only offering, so if you want in, now’s the only time.

2. The Art of Profitable Weddings is 100%, entirely free to join. THERE IS NO FEE - EVER.

3. I’m giving away AN ENTIRE BRAND NEW TUTORIAL from the upcoming Wedding Masterclass on how to create a cascading bridal bouquet.

4. I’ll be teaching a very special LIVE WEBINAR on the strategy that I used to build my own wedding floristry business to a six figure business within 12 months, and continue to GROW REVENUE YEAR ON YEAR.

5. MORE BONUSES? - Of course, anyone who attends the webinar live can look forward to even more goodness.

6. Yes - there's replays of the recordings, but they don't stay up for long.

7. Did I mention there’s absolutely NO COST? Just enter your best email address - and come join us.

With Joseph Massie's expert guidance, you'll be sure to create designs that are both beautiful and on-trend. The Wedding Masterclass is launching on April 17th, so don't wait - sign up now and start transforming your skills and your business with Joseph's signature style today!


Team Joseph Massie